Lets talk about the style of portraits.

You can put them into many categories ranging from formal right through to avant guard fashion portraits and although we can help with the full range of styles, portraits for linkedin tend to fall into two categories.
Formal and Editorial.

Formal corporate portraits tend to be shot on a single colour background, perhaps white, grey or black. Portraits like these are often shot with artificial, controlled light and have a polished feel. Lighting styles vary, portrait styles vary and they can have a very formal or informal approach, but the style of shot puts them into this category.

Editorial Portraits can still have a formal approach, but are shot more often than not on location. Sometimes in the office, sometimes in boardroom, the coffee shop or even on the street. Editorial images tend to include ‘stuff’. They set the scene, they tell a story wether the background is in focus or not.
Dependent on your interpretation, editorial portraits can have a more approachable feel and are great for including on blogs, in and around content and of course on linkedin. More formal style images tend to get used as profile pictures, more corporate style content and websites and ID.
No matter what people tell you, there are no right and wrong rules for the style of image. The style simply matches what and how you present yourself and how you want people to feel when they look. (because yes, they WILL look)

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