It’s simple.

Linkedin portraits in 3 easy steps.

  1. You get in touch & we chat about what kind of thing you are looking for. We suggest some options that would work and get it all worked out in advance.
  2. We shoot some portraits! You look at the contact sheet we’ll supply, choose your faves.
  3. We edit and supply digitally for you to use as you see fit!

It sounds simple, but it really is that easy to get new, contemporary imagery to use online and off.

We can come to us or we can come to you! Whatever works best.

We can (theoretically) put a semi static sudio any where. We can run full on studio lights or battery powered strobes. Heavy weight boom stands, lightweight light stands or clamps attached to door frames. Photographers are workaround royalty so what ever you need, where ever you need it. We can help.

The images you choose will be all wrapped up in a zip file and delivered directly as a download. you can then upload to various websites as avatars, put on your ‘about me’ pages and use as required. Images include a license for you to use as you need so guest blogging, reception boards and even business cards can have your portrait sitting there pride of place.