The question is, our place or yours?

We are professional portrait photographers and we shoot a lot of linkedin portraits. Every commission is different with a unique set of portrait requirements. Every subject is different, so every portrait requirement is different.

We can offer both studio and location portrait services so it really is up to you. Some people like to ‘do it in the studio.’ It’s nice to commit the time to a dedicated space so getting in the zone makes sense. We can of course help supply hair and make up is needed so coming to us ticks many boxes.

Danni. Shot in Studio

For others, taking the time out the day to dedicate to studio time can cause logistical problem. For this we offer a location service. If you have the space, we can shoot what you need. We’ve put semi static studios in bars, conference rooms, kitchens and even on the fore court of a tractor sales showroom!

There are pros and cons of both studio sessions and location portraits. These can range from time constraints or availability of space so lets have a chat about what and how to get sone what you need done.

Tina. Shot on location in high street office.